19 August 2009

What I Call Life, Jill Wolfson

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Added 9/21/09 - After reading a comment about socks on another post, I was thinking maybe someone might want to try to knit some socks...I knitted a pair one time, and one time only because one turned out so much bigger than the other one, and I couldn't wear them. Here is a pattern for a pair and it doesn't look too difficult! (Payton, we could never do the toes! Or at least I couldn't!)

I love how the characters in this book sit and knit together. There is a store downtown called Home Ec where people can go and knit together on Saturday mornings (I think). What do you like to do with your friends?

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Payton said...

This book was really good it was the best book Iv'e read in a long time.
Payton in 6H