24 August 2010

Yes, I Know the Monkey Man - Dori Hillestad Butler

When her father is serious injured, T.J. must go to stay with the twin sister and mother she doesn't know. T.J. and her sister Sam work to unravel the mysteries surrounding their family.

8 Sept 2010
Dori Hillestad Butler is a local Coralville author. In fact, her son went to our school! The first book in this series, Do You Know the Monkey Man wouldn't stay on our library shelves...and there have been a lot of people asking for this one, too! I haven't read either book, but I keep asking myself, "What are the mysteries?" Did I tell you I really like mysteries? I always have.


Jenahlee Chamberlain, Kirkwood Elementary Librarian, Coralville, IA said...

I absolutely love these books! It is really hard to talk about the second book without giving away how the first book ends up. I love that these books are not only written by an Iowa author but set in Iowa as well. It is really neat to be able to visualize the actual places they are talking about in the story! All I have to say is read Do You Know the Monkey Man first and you will want to pick this one up as soon as you are finished!

Anonymous said...

I really liked these books the first and the second are really good I like them both alot i can't pick my favorite